Gluten-free sweets (candies, cakes, etc.) can be difficult to find, as many candies contain gluten in the form of wheat, barley, or rye. Some candy manufacturers have started producing gluten-free options, but these can be more expensive and harder to find than regular candy – especially in countries hit by economic crises such as Lebanon.

People with celiac disease have to be very careful about what they eat, as even small amounts of gluten can cause serious health problems. In addition, a considerable number of coeliacs also happen to be lactose-intolerant.

Reading labels at stores is not a fun activity. Those with serious gluten sensitivities are looking for clearly-marked GF products, labeled with terms like “Certified gluten free” (and that differs by the country of production). Such labels ensure that sourcing, production and distribution environments are not cross-contaminated with other gluten-containing ingredients. Some brands will write on their websites that some of their products do not contain gluten, but they would not mention on the product itself that it is gluten free in order to waive their responsibility if cross-contamination happens and the consumer gets sick.

I have compiled below a list of the products I have found or consumed in Beirut/Lebanon over the past few years:

Gluten-Free Chocolate Bars

Close up shot of toblerone chocolates - Gluten-free chocolate bars

Toblerone — one of my favorite gluten-free candy bars — widely available in Lebanon. It comes in different flavors and sizes.

  1. Toblerone
    Quoting their website: “Our chocolate bars don’t contain any gluten ingredients.”
  2. Kinder – Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Mini, Kinder Surprise
    Check their UK website for details about each product
  3. Reese’s – Peanut Butter Cups
    As categorized by the hersheyland website
  4. Hershey’s – Kisses
    As categorized by the hersheyland website
  5. Some Nestlé products
    Check out healthline website for details
  6. Crunch – Chocolate Bar
    All the Crunch chocolate-flavored bars I have seen are labeled “Certified gluten free”, but always double check.
  7. Freakin Healthy – Chocolate Chip Cookies, Protein Balls, etc.
    Their packaging either says “Gluten free” or “No gluten”
  8. Rice Up – Brown Rice Bars, Brown Rice Rolls with Belgian Chocolate
    Check out their website and product labels
  9. Lindt
    Their website FAQ states: “We do not declare any of our products to be free of gluten.” However, several of their products don’t contain gluten ingredients

Gluten-Free Biscuits / Cookies / Wafers

A variety of Dr. Shär gluten-free products spotted at a supermarket in Beirut, Lebanon.

Dr Schär — a heavenly brand for all those affected by gluten sensitivities. It produces a wide range of GF products, from sweets to bread and chips.

  1. Dr Schar
  2. Nairns
  3. Santiveri Noglut
  4. Lea Life
  5. Bites of Delight – “suitable for celiac disease” per their website
  6. Balviten

Gluten-Free Ice Cream, Spreads and Desserts

  1. Alpro – Silky Smooth Chocolate Dessert
    “Gluten free. Naturally lactose free & dairy free.” – Alpro website
  2. Nutella
    It is GF according to their mother company’s website
  3. Danway Iceberg – Ice cream, Milk Shake, Hazelnut Spread
    See their GF products here
  4. Domo – Custard, Cake Mix
    Check out their GF range here

Buying Gluten-Free Desserts from Restaurants and Patisseries in Lebanon

Beware of

  • Taqa product range – in their own words: “We are not a gluten free bakery.”
  • Nutshell – Butters and Spreads

This blog post does not contain sponsored information. Please keep in mind that product ingredients or production environment might change over time, so always proceed with caution. If you need guidance or if you have feedback, feel free to contact me.

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