If you’re planning a trip to Lebanon, you will probably find it challenging to find an accurate and up-to-date resource that clearly lists safe and tested gluten-free meals.

First off, I invite you to have a look at the map of gluten-free restaurants I have created for Beirut.

And here are my recommended meals:

1. Superfood Burger – The Glow Paradise

A pretty classic hamburger served in a buckwheat bun. Stuffed with sweet potatoes, almond cheese and a yummy homemade sauce. You get on the side: Coleslaw and keto chips.
[This restaurant is safe for people with celiac disease as it does not process gluten-containing ingredients.]

2. Penne 4 Formaggi – Tavolina

Gluten-Free Penne 4 Formaggi Pasta from Tavolina, Beirut Lebanon

If you’re a big fan of Italian food [raises both hands], you will find joy at Tavolina. Originally dealing with gluten ingredients, the restaurant offers some GF options, like pasta and pizza (see below). This penne comes with a delicious mix of cream, four cheese blend, and parsley.

3. Protein Power Bowl – Salata

A nutritious warm bowl of spiced chicken, quinoa, roasted pumpkin cubes, goat cheese, dates and almonds – offered with balsamic dressing.

4. Crispy Spicy Salmon Salad (modified) – Cozmo Café

Gluten-Free Crispy Spicy Salmon Salad from Cozmo Café in Beirut, Lebanon

Fresh salmon with carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, ginger and a matching sauce. Just make sure to flag your gluten condition as the restaurant normally has gluten in its offerings, including this salad, so they will need to make adjustments accordingly.

5. Chicken Avo Wrap – The Glow Paradise

Gluten-Free Chicken Avo Wrap from The Glow Paradise in Beirut, Lebanon

Slices of chicken breast with almond cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado and ranch dressing – served in an mouthwatering keto wrap. Tip: Order it toasted and consume it warm!

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